My Philosophy of Teaching Statement


My Philosophy of Teaching Statement

My Beliefs

I believe that every child has the potential to conquer anything in life if they believe in themselves. Every child should have the opportunity to have an outstanding education. Each and every child in our planet is capable of improving our world. As a teacher I am responsible for leading my students to be successful in their lives. I will help my students not only to discover but to be confident and proudly communicate their ideas and follow their dreams. I will teach them that diversity is a beautiful thing of life and inspire them to respect each other.

My Role

My role as a teacher is to lead my students on their way to knowledge, to believe in them, care for them and respect them.  I will address the needs of each child and believe in each one of them so they can feel at ease. I will treat every child as if they were my own; I will teach them to love, respect, and to believe in each other.  I will guide my students through a path of enjoyable learning while giving them the best education possible.

My Duties

My duties are to lead them through their education. I will include learning activities in my lesson plans to gain the interest of my students and make their learning process fun and easy. I will take them on field trips to museums, planetariums, zoos, and libraries, to help them learn in different ways and get them involved in the community. I will have my students work in groups and compete against each other so they can learn to socialize and to inspire them to reach their goals. I will teach my students to be responsible and respectful of others.  I will help them overcome their fears in order for them to be successful in life. Children are our future and there is no other way to better our world than by teaching them to be responsible, courteous, peaceful, and respectful.